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Welcome. Let us help you find your dog.

Your lost dog may still be on the run or someone finding your dog may keep it, find it a new home, re-sell it or give it to a friend or relative. They may put it in their car to take it home, change their mind, and release it many miles from its disappearance area. We can tell you, most people who find a dog, do not take it to a shelter, for fear the dog will be euthanized. And you cannot assume someone finding your pet will do the right thing. Therefore, you must take action from the start, to cover any situation that may arise.

How will you find your lost dog?

First, you must grab the attention and gain the assistance of a substantial number of people in an area, at least 20 to 30 miles from where your dog became missing. A 30 mile diameter radius is the preferred target search area. Based on our experience, there is less than a 30% chance your dog is within the nearest 5 to 10 miles of his or her disappearance area.

We have found the best way to accomplish this task is to prepare and place highly visible posters (flyers), offering a reward with no stated amount, screening and handling calls that come in on your pet, being available to go on immediate sightings, and being properly prepared to handle any situation that may arise. It is very important, as well, to provide a color picture of your pet to all the veterinarians, humane societies, animal shelters, rescue groups, pet food stores and pet groomers, if appropriate for your breed, in the county your dog became missing from and all the surrounding counties. Picture recognition is the key to finding your missing dog.

Important! We are located in Southern California, U. S. A.
Currently, we are only able to service the following areas:
  • → Hacienda Heights
  • → La Puente
  • → City of Industry
  • → Whittier

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